The Main Avenue Center

The Main Avenue center is made up of two parts:
  • The Ocular Diagnostic Center, provides facilities and equipment for the most advanced studies. It has been designed so that all necessary testing can be performed expeditiously with a minimal loss of time for both staff and patients. The center is equipped with special equipment to perform the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures (eg., HRT, digital flourescein, FDT perimetry, digital stereophotography, topography, pachymetry, diode laser cyclophotocoagulation, etc.)
  • The Ocular Surgery Center

The regular office hours are Monday - Friday 7:30 to 5:00. We will make every effort to be on time for your appointment and past experience indicate that your examination will begin within 10 minutes of that time. Unfortunately, because of the emergency nature of certain problems, occasional delays are unavoidable. In these cases, you will be notified upon your arrival and every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule. If you are delayed or unable to keep your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. Please plan to stay with us approximately two hours to allow us to perform a complete examination and assessment. To insure that we have an understanding of any medical problems you may have, we will ask you to complete a patient questionnaire. You will be examined by the doctor after preliminary testing has been done by our staff members. During this examination your eyes will be dilated and you should make arrangements for someone to drive you home. Based on the results of the examination and your medical history, the doctor will develop a treatment plan for you. In some cases, this will consist of medical treatment such as eye drops oral medications and/or corrective lenses. In other cases, surgery or laser treatment may be required. If you are interested in Laser Vision Correction you will be advised about its applicability in your case. Our Doctors are skilled and experienced in this modality of treatment.